Mis Manos, El Salvador, 2019

Mis Manos, El Salvador, 2019


Steven Molina Contreras was born 1999, in San Salvador, El Salvador. Steven is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography and the Digital Image at The Fashion Institute of Technology. He previously worked in the Saturday Night Live photography department. His work is currently on view at Mana Contemporary, and has been exhibited in Sunset, Sunrise, 2019 in B[x] Spaces in Brooklyn, NY, Mana Decentralized, 2019 at Mana Contemporary, in Jersey City, NJ, and Into the Glass Box, 2018, in the Pomerantz Gallery in FIT, NYC. Steven’s work has been published by Aperture, The New York Times, The LA Times, TIME, Vanity Fair, HUE Magazine, and the Washington Post. More recently he has given lectures at SVA’s NY Photo Salon series and was selected for the NYT Lens Portfolio Review in 2019. He currently resides, and works out of Long Island, NY, and NYC.

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Email - stevenmcontreras1@gmail.com

Instagram - @stevenmcontreras